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Machine Vision Integration

Machine vision, also known as “industrial vision” or “vision systems”,  has become vital in the manufacturing industry. Increased quality control demands of consumers, manufacturers, and government regulations make the need for machine vision technology imperative.

Machine vision leverages technology and experience to provide automated image-based (camera) inspection and analysis for applications such as gauging, reading text, process control, and robot guidance.

A machine vision system can consist of a number of cameras, sometimes mounted over assembly lines to inspect products, capture data, read labels, direct product, and more, all without human intervention.

Integro Technologies is a Vision Systems Integrator specializing in machine vision technology.

Quality MagazineIntegro Technologies is a turnkey, machine vision company.   Here at Integro, we design and develop custom solutions utilizing a range of machine vision integration, roboticssystem integration, and 3D topography product applications.

We are a leading vision integrator with offices and dedicated resources in North Carolina, South Carolina,  Alabama, Virginia,  Maryland, Tennessee, and Indiana.

We are the top Cognex PSI in North America, and we work with over 500 clients worldwide on their most complex vision integration solutions.

With over 330+ years of cumulative experience, our team is recognized as a worldwide resource for vision system integration needs. We have partnership agreements with several, global robotics and technology corporations in an effort to develop and design custom vision system integration solutions for our clients.

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