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Integro Technologies is a turnkey, machine vision integrator. Integro provides your company with world class engineering solutions, leveraging applications and techniques from a variety of industries. We have the largest collection of machine vision integration, industrial experience, and wisdom worldwide.Through Integro’s project development process, our team ensures the proper vision platform selection to match a company’s vision application and systems integration needs, while avoiding the common costly pitfalls related to such projects.


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Just a Few of Our Projects

Fitting Inspection

Fitting Inspection

This customizable inspection machine offers full verification of part geometry and validation of O-ring placement and seating. Full part handing and part inspection. Learn more.

Tire Guardian

Tire Guardian

The patented Tire Guardian Series allows the automotive industry to use the most reliable & cost effective methods to comply with US DOT and other regulatory bodies worldwide. Learn more.

Round Disk Inspection

Round Disk Inspection

This round disk surface inspection is an ideal vision system for 360 part inspection. This vision solution was custom designed to reduce the takt time required for part inspection. Learn more.

Omniview  360 Inspection

Omniview 360 Inspection

This system acquires images from 4-5 cameras, and combines/stitches the images together to create a seamless undistorted image of a cylindrical object’s surface. Learn more.

Container Inspection

Container Inspection

This application by Integro Technologies is a 360° inspection of ice cream containers. Data matrix is utilized to read and validate correct carton. Learn more.

3D Inspection

3D Inspection

Using a 2.2 micrometer-sensitive 3D laser mounted to a 3-axis robot, several high-definition images are acquired and combined to generate a 3D point cloud. Learn more.


Turnkey Machine Vision Integration

911 Vision Rescue

Our engineers can replace faulty machine vision components and re-program the existing systems to keep production moving, minimize downtime, save time and material. Learn more.

Turnkey Solutions

Integro provides turnkey vision inspection solutions for an array of industries: automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, military, packaging, and more. Learn more.


Integro is now offering the VisionVault Package, allowing for effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities on the Cognex In-Sight Platform. Learn more.

From Our Blog


Vision Plus

Did you know that Integro Technologies offers services that are more than just vision? We are VISION+. Our staff has…

ViDi welding seam inspection

ViDi Welding Seam Inspection

CHALLENGES IN WELDING SEAM INSPECTION Welding seams exhibit a large variety of shapes and features which can hardly be described…


Pick and Place Robots

Pick and place by collaborative robot arms - Add value to your production by automating repetitive pick and place tasks with…

ViDi machined part

ViDi Machined Part Inspection

CHALLENGES IN MACHINED PART INSPECTION Typically there are many different types of complex shapes Varying surface properties depending on machining…

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Leadership Team

Shawn Campion

Shawn Campion

President & CEO

In 2005, Shawn joined Integro Technologies. Since Shawn’s tenure with Integro, he has initiated and completed the building of a new headquarters, expanded the sales team to five additional, regional offices, and has been awarded the “Emerging Leader of the Year” Award from the Charlotte Business Journal. Shawn is a definitive thought leader in the machine vision industry.

Shawn has written several articles and has been published in Quality Magazine and Medical Design Technology. He is often an expert contributor to machine vision articles around the world.

Thomas Campion

Thomas Campion

Founder & CFO

Thomas Campion is originally from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Since the conception of Integro Technologies in 2001, he has overseen the growth of the company from “one person and a dream” to over 40 personnel sharing that dream to provide the very best vision solutions to their customers.

Starke Farley

Starke Farley

Sr. Sales Engineer & Partner

Starke Farley is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. He graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

In the spring of 2005, Thomas Campion and Shawn Campion approached him about coming on board as a partner with Integro Technologies. Since that time, he has been an Applications and Sales Engineer for South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. He also covers Central America and Europe. He is the principal inventor on the Tire Guardian Patent, #9110032, and has been published in Vision Design Magazine for the Tire Guardian system.

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