3D Smart Sensor

3D Smart Sensor from ifm efector

IFM Efector has recently developed a new 3D smart sensor that works particularly well for case completeness inspection.

This sensor, like the Iowa Caucus, can tell you who’s in and who’s out.

 3D Smart Sensor
The O3D Smart Sensor has two pre-built applications on board. These applications share output data with a PLC via Ethernet or 24v signals.

feat-3dss-indChallenge: 100% inspection for a correct “pack” is difficult. The machines are flexible enough to handle a variety of package sizes, quantities and colors but the sensing technology has not been… until now.

Solution: The O3D Smart Sensor ignores color and size, and is easily configured for different case sizes. The result is a flexible sensing solution for flexible machines.


  • ifm efectorColor independent
  • Lighting independent
  • Quick setup (usually under two minutes)
  • Easily configured for multiple case sizes
  • Digital switching between recipes
  • Digital and Ethernet (EIP) outputs available
  • Up to 32 different case sizes can be stored on the sensor
  • Easy set up and easy configuration


Contact Integro Technologies to learn more about turnkey, 3D sensor solutions at esales@integro-tech.com or 704-636-9666.

Visit ifm efector to learn more about additional 3D smart sensor options.