Integro Tech Announcing Tire Guardian 2.0


Integro Technologies Announces Tire Guardian 2.0

Tire Guardian 2.0

Integro Technologies, a world leader in vision system integration, announces the release of the Tire Guardian 2.0.

Tire Guardian 2.0 is a 3D tire inspection application designed to read text such as DOT Codes, Manufacturer Information, Speed Rating, Size, and verify graphics on tire sidewalls.  The 2.0 design leverages the patented technology in the original Tire Guardian system released in 2012, for mounted Tire Wheel Assemblies (TWAs).  The Tire Guardian 2.0 design will inspect single sides or both sides of the sidewall on mounted or unmounted tires.

The Tire Guardian 2.0 inspects up to 15 tire per minute and sizes can vary from 15” to 42” diameters without any adjustment.  The system can be optimized to achieve inspection speeds exceeding 15 tire per minute upon request for a given application/solution.

The Tire Guardian 2.0 is deployed in an over and/or under conveyor configuration.  The system will accommodate existing roller conveyors or belt conveyors with sufficient gaps for image formation.

Supplemental optional inspection modules can also be added to the system configuration such as:

  • Tire Barcode ID (1D or DataMatrix)
  • Tire Tread Verification
  • Color Dot Verification
  • Color Strip Verification

The system has been designed and developed to interface to a wide range of Databases (SQL, Oracle, Access, and Excel) and Control System Architectures utilizing industrial Ethernet protocols (EthernetIP, ProfiNET, TwinCAT, MCProtocol, and others upon request).

“Tire Guardian 2.0 is a game changer in the tire industry combining solid mechanical & electrical systems and 3D software analysis working in concert to read/verify essential data and store the data in central control/logistics systems.  The barrier of rotating the tire is no longer a limiting factor to perform DOT code reading, thereby eliminating production bottle necks and unnecessary mechanisms.”  said Shawn A. Campion, President of Integro Technologies.

Tire Guardian 2.0 Features:

Core Inspections System Functionality:

  • 15 tires per minute, this speed can be exceeded
  • Tire Size 15” to 42” diameters
  • Read text such as:
    • DOT Codes
    • Manufacturer Information
    • Speed Rating
    • Size
  • Verify graphics on tire sidewalls via Pattern Match Technology

Industrial Ethernet Communications:

  • EthernetIP
  • ProfiNET
  • TwinCAT
  • MCProtocol
  • and others upon request

Database Communications:

  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • Access
  • Excel

System Options:

  • Tire Barcode ID (1D or DataMatrix)
  • Tire Tread Verification
  • Color Dot Verification
  • Color Strip Verification


Tire Guardian 2 0 - Render_Above Tire Guardian 2 0 - Render_Under

To learn more about the Tire Guardian 1.0, visit here.

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