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Free Mecco Marking ​and ​Traceability ​Training
Mecco ​Marking ​and ​Traceability ​will ​host ​a ​free ​seminar ​on ​Laser ​and ​Dot ​Peen ​marking ​as ​well ​as ​hands-on ​applications. ​ Integro ​Technologies ​will ​also ​host ​a ​presentation ​on ​machine ​vision ​applications ​and ​solutions. Attendees ​are ​encouraged ​to ​bring ​their ​laptops ​and ​parts ​for ​evaluation ​and ​3D ​topography ​mapping. ​ This ​event ​is ​FREE ​and ​lunch ​is ​provided. ​ To ​learn ​more ​about ​Mecco, ​visit ​their ​website ​at ​ ​To ​learn ​more ​about ​Integro ​Technologies, ​visit ​their ​website ​at ​ ​    
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3 Steps for Adding Automated Vision Inspection Technology
There are three critical steps for end users to follow when adding automated vision inspection technology (AVI) to their process.
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Integro Team at Dragon Boat Festival
Integro places first in division in Dragon Boat Race 2015
Integro places first in division in Dragon Boat Race 2015 Integro Technologies participated in the Second Annual Dragon Boat Race
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Can you see past your Vision Inspection Process?
As an international vision integrator, we travel the world providing machine vision consulting and installing visual quality inspection systems in
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Round Disk Surface Inspection
This round disk surface inspection is an ideal vision system for 360 part inspection. This is a small machine with
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3D Inspector
Micrometer Level 3D Inspector
Using a 2.2 micrometer-sensitive 3D laser mounted to a 3-axis robot, several high-definition images are acquired and combined to generate
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3d ifm efector 4
Integro Technologies Announces Partnership with ifm efector
           Integro and ifm efector now partners Integro Technologies, a world leader in vision system integration,
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Copper Fitting Vision Inspection
This customizable inspection machine offers full verification of part geometry and validation of O-ring placement and seating. Press-fit copper fittings are growing in
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Mechanical Automation Engineer Jobs
We are seeking an energized, experienced, interactive Mechanical Automation Engineer for a fast paced Vision Integration Company. In this capacity,
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Cognex PSI
Integro Technologies is a highly-recognized, Cognex Platinum PSI (Partner System Integrator).   We are fully-trained and authorized on Cognex’s entire product
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Integro Technologies Headquarters in Salisbury North Carolina
Integro Tech Office Locations
In 2013, Integro Technologies built their new corporate headquarters in Historic Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina. The Integro headquarters houses a
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project manager
Integro Hires New Senior Project Manager
Integro Technologies, a leading machine vision and ID integration specialist, has recently hired Mr. Leroy Barton as a Senior Project
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3D Topography Sun Chips
3D Vision Systems
Here at Integro Technologies, we specialize in 3D vision systems. While 3D machine vision systems are utilized in a  range
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Sidewinder by Integro Technologies
Label Inspection System
Sidewinder Label Rewind Inspection Table The SideWinder Label Inspection System is designed to perform 100% verification of printed text and
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Vision Integration Rendering Vision Inspection Machine Vision Integrators
Mechanical & Electrical Designer Job
Position Summary  Thorough understanding of factory automation technology and equipment. Design mechanical systems for automation or control of manufacturing equipment.
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Computer Science Developer Jobs
Developer/ Computer Science Responsibilities:  Development of new camera-based solutions with a focus on 2D & 3D image processing and computer
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Now Hiring
Application Engineer Jobs
Integro Tech is Hiring Integro Technologies, a leading machine vision company, is currently hiring  Machine Vision and Controls Application Engineers.
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Cognex I/O
Machine Vision Training June 2015
Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training This two-day training course gives an overview of machine vision applications used by Integro Technologies. This
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Coherix 3D inspection
3D System for Robotics Applications
While many machine vision systems are two-dimensional, a growing trend towards 3D technology is making substantial headway, particularly with robotics
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Leading Vision Integrator
Integro Technologies is a leader in Vision Integration With over 2500 installations and 550+ years of hands-on experience,  more than
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Machine Vision Inspection Systems
Integro Technologies is a leader in machine vision inspection systems. REQUEST SERVICE      MAKE AN INQUIRY We provide: Customized
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Machine Vision Improves Surgical Tubing Quality
This article was written by Jerry Fireman and was originally printed in Medical Design Technology Magazine on June 19, 2012.
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Integro Announces Partnership with Mitsubishi Electric
Integro Technologies, a leading machine vision company, announces a partnership agreement with Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in
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In-Sight Spreadsheets Training May 2015
This training opportunity is currently closed.  Upcoming Training sessions are listed below.   Intensive Cognex In-Sight® Spreadsheets Training 2015 Integro
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Maintenance and Troubleshooting Registration for April
Register for the Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training on April 21 and April 22, 2015 below. THIS TRAINING IS CLOSED.  Additional
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