Deep Learning for Automotive Industry

Deep learning is currently being used in the automotive industry for a number of inspection applications. Most manufacturers have large databases of past material that can easily be used by deep learning algorithms for initial learning. Once the algorithm has been learned, it can be maintained and adjusted over time, just like any other piece of industrial equipment. To learn more, contact Integro Technologies today.



Textile Print Registration Inspection System
Integro implements a print registration inspection system on pliable 100” textile web moving at 50fpm with encoder based motion tracking
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Medical Device Multi-Spectral Visual Inspection System
Integro ships two new next generation multi-spectral visual inspection system to medical device manufacture in Ireland. Our world-class team leverages
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Industry Expert, Jeff Dannay, Joins Integro Team
Integro Technologies, a premier machine vision integrator, is pleased to welcome vision industry expert, Jeff Dannay, to the company. Jeff
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High Speed Tool Bit Inspection System
The Integro high speed tool bit inspection system processes one part every two seconds.  Customer part trays, of multiple configurations,
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Medical Lab Vision Inspection Device
Integro is designing a tabletop medical laboratory visual inspection device to verify discrete components count, shape, and attributes.
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