Integro and Cognex: An Indelible Partnership

Integro Technologies has been a Cognex Partner System Integrator since our company’s founding in 2001.  Integro has been named the first and only Platinum Partner System Integrator in North America by Cognex Corporation.

Integro develops 3D & 2D inspection solutions utilizing components from Cognex’s entire arsenal of machine vision software and hardware.  In addition to developing state of the art customized inspection solution for end users and machine builders; Integro als

Cognex products available

o provides Vision911 field engineering support on current and legacy Cognex products.

Integro’s Vision911 program encompasses remote (direct/indirect) and onsite engineering support services to resolve machine vision or ID issues quickly and cost effectively.

Integro enhances the value of Cognex products by providing  “Vision+” inspection cell solutions that contain tailored software development (vision and control), image and optical formation systems, and the integration of supplemental technologies.  Vision+ supplemental technologies include, but are not limited to, Robotics, Motion Control, Material/Part Handling, Safety, RFID, Laser and Ink Jet Marking, Structural Components, and High Speed Encoder based Reject Tracking and Verification.

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