IU Series from CCS America

    IU Series LED Lighting with Intensity Control Unit


    With the IU Series, you can change light intensity and perform light ON/OFF control without an external controller.

    • The light intensity can be set to any of the 126 levels by adjusting the Intensity Control Unit
    • The IU Series has an M12 input connector, to which you can connect smart cameras and other devices to supply power


    Lighting methodContinuous lighting
    Drive methodConstant-voltage system
    Intensity control methodPWM control
    PWM frequency125 kHz
    Input voltage (rating)24 VDC
    Input voltage (range)21.6 to 24 VDC
    Input connectorM 12 (4 pins, male)
    Cable length670 mm (including the Intensity Control Unit)
    Pin No.Signal
    124 VDC*¹
    4ON/OFF input (+24 V)*²

    *1 Voltage rating: 24 VDC, Voltage range: 21.6 to 24 VDC

    • The brightness of the Light Unit will be lower when the input voltage is less than 24 VDC.
    • Use a stable power source with an output voltage that does not fluctuate.

    *2 Voltage rating: 24 VDC, Voltage range: 20 to 26.4 VDC

    Ring Lights

    Model namePower consumption (typ.)
    HPR2HPR2-50RD-IU8.1 W
    HPR2-50SW-IU9.6 W
    HPR2-75RD-IU11 W
    HPR2-75SW-IU11 W
    HPR2-100RD-IU11 W
    HPR2-100SW-IU11 W
    HPR2-150RD-IU11 W
    HPR2-150SW-IU11 W
    LDR2LDR2-32RD2-IU2.0 W
    LDR2-32SW2-IU2.4 W
    LDR2-42RD2-IU2.5 W
    LDR2-42SW2-IU3.2 W
    LDR2-50RD2-IU3.6 W
    LDR2-50SW2-IU4.3 W
    LDR2-70RD2-IU6.6 W
    LDR2-70SW2-IU8.1 W
    LDR2-90RD2-IU11 W
    LDR2-90SW2-IU11 W
    LDR2-50RD2-WD-IU3.6 W
    LDR2-70RD2-WD-IU6.6 W
    LDR2-90RD2-WD-IU11 W
    LFRLFR-100RD2-IU4.1 W
    LFR-100SW2-IU5.1 W
    LFR-130RD2-IU5.1 W
    LFR-130SW2-IU6.2 W
    LKRLKR-70RD2-IU3.0 W
    LKR-70SW2-IU4.3 W
    LDR-LA1LDR-75RD2-LA1-IU3.0 W
    LDR-75SW2-LA1-IU4.3 W
    LDR-96RD2-LA1-IU3.6 W
    LDR-96SW2-LA1-IU4.3 W
    LDR-146RD2-LA1-IU5.1 W
    LDR-146SW2-LA1-IU6.6 W
    LDR-176RD2-LA1-IU6.6 W
    LDR-176SW2-LA1-IU8.1 W
    LDR-206RD2-LA1-IU7.6 W
    LDR-206SW2-LA1-IU9.6 W
    LDR2-LALDR2-48RD2-LA-IU2.5 W
    LDR2-48SW2-LA-IU3.6 W
    LDR2-74RD2-LA-IU5.1 W
    LDR2-74SW2-LA-IU6.2 W
    LDR2-100RD2-LA-IU9.6 W
    LDR2-100SW2-LA-IU11 W
    LDR2-132RD2-LA-IU11 W
    LDR2-132SW2-LA-IU11 W

    Dome Lights

    Model namePower consumption (typ.)
    HPD2HPD2-75RD-IU11 W
    HPD2-75SW-IU11 W
    HPD2-100RD-IU11 W
    HPD2-100SW-IU11 W
    HPD2-150RD-IU11 W
    HPD2-150SW-IU11 W

    Coaxial Lights

    Model namePower consumption (typ.)
    LFV3LFV3-CP-13RD-IU2.5 W
    LFV3-CP-13SW-IU2.8 W
    LFV3-CP-18RD-IU3.8 W
    LFV3-CP-18SW-IU4.6 W
    LFV3-34RD-IU4.2 W
    LFV3-34SW-IU3.7 W
    LFV3-35RD-IU3.6 W
    LFV3-35SW-IU4.2 W
    LFV3-40RD-IU5.1 W
    LFV3-40SW-IU5.1 W
    LFV3-50RD-IU8.6 W
    LFV3-50SW-IU11 W
    LFV3-70RD-IU11 W
    LFV3-70SW-IU11 W

    Back Lights

    Model namePower consumption (typ.)
    LFLLFL-612RD2-P-IU1.0 W
    LFL-612SW2-P-IU0.9 W
    LFL-1012RD2-IU1.0 W
    LFL-1012SW2-IU1.3 W
    LFL-1012RD2-P-IU1.0 W
    LFL-1012SW2-P-IU1.3 W
    LFL-3212RD2-IU2.0 W
    LFL-3212SW2-IU2.8 W
    LFL-4012RD2-IU2.5 W
    LFL-4012SW2-IU3.2 W
    LFL-50RD2-IU3.0 W
    LFL-50SW2-IU3.6 W
    LFL-100RD2-IU5.6 W
    LFL-100SW2-IU5.8 W

    Square Lights

    Model namePower consumption (typ.)
    FPQ2FPQ2-32RD-IU6.6 W
    FPQ2-32SW-IU5.6 W
    FPQ2-48RD-IU6.3 W
    FPQ2-48SW-IU11 W

    Model name: FRCB-n-M12-4M-4F (n=1, 2, 3)

    This robot cable is used to extend the Light Unit cable length.
    Cable length: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m

    Model name: FRCB-0.5-M12-AL-4M4F

    This Adapter is used to continuously turn ON the Light Unit. A robot cable is used.
    (Pins 1 and 4 are internally connected.)
    Cable length: 0.5 m


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