Modular mini controller with high-current relay outputs for mobile machines

wpi_538_webEssen, October 2015 – In many small and compact mobile applications, the requirements on control tasks are increasing. Cost-optimised, modular mini controllers for mobile use are in demand. Here, ifm offers ecomatmobile Basic consisting of the components BasicRelay, BasicController and BasicDisplay that are adapted to each other. This BasicController family is now complemented by the powerful “BasicController relay” (type CR0431).

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Powerful inputs and outputs

Its special feature is made up of six individually protected power relay outputs with diagnostic capability for the supply of high-current consumers in mobile machines. In addition it has eight multifunctional digital and analogue inputs that can be configured via the application software. Sensors and actuators can be directly connected to it without external wiring.



Communication is carried out via two CAN interfaces to ISO 11898. These are, for example, used to exchange data with the connected BasicDisplay, further BasicController modules or the engine controller. Among others, the interfaces support the CANopen protocol and the J1939 protocol. Programming is done to IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS.

Learn more at http://www.ifm.com/ifmgb/web/presse_infos.htm