MORITEX MLEP-B Series Constant Current Control LED Controller


June 9, 2016

LED controllerMORITEX Corp.  announces the development of the MLEP-B series LED controller for exclusive use with MCEP, MCEP-070, and MSPP series LED lighting.

This MLEP-B series LED controller automatically detects the maximum rated current of the lighting units, making it possible to control any model of the MCEP, MCEP-070, and MSPP series. There are two channel types (Channel 1 and Channel 2) as well as both analog and digital external control for a total of the following four models: MLEP-B070W1LR, MLEP-B070W1LRD, MLEP-B070W2LR, and MLEP- B070W2LRD.

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