Sr. Machine Vision Application Engineer

Job Description

Develop customized turnkey 2D & 3D machine vision and ID solutions for a wide range of industries utilizing a vision hardware and software.  The Senior Machine Vision Application Engineer provides technical leadership to the development team through a personal example of commitment and product line ownership.

 Desired Skills & Experience

  1.  Machine Vision sensors (2D & 3D)
  2. Machine Vision experience, and willingness to learn and grow is a must
  3. C # Programming Skills, Multi-Threaded Applications
  4. Mechanical Aptitude
  5. Lighting and Optical Solutions
  6. PLC Programming (Siemens and Rockwell Automation) and others
  7. Industrial Automation Knowledge – PLC, Motion Control, Servo Drives and Robots
  8. Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  9. The ability to lead small teams as required

Minimum work experience:  5+ years

Company Description

Founded in 2001, Integro Technologies provides machine vision integration services for a wide range of manufacturing processes and installs systems domestically and internationally for Fortune 500 companies.

As vision integrators, we specialize in integrating a number of sub-systems to complete a vision project. Sub-systems typically consist of optics, illumination, mechanical and electrical systems, communication to motion controllers and/or control system architectures to maximize performance and minimize production downtime during initial system installation and long-term system maintenance.

Selection of a qualified vision integrator is the difference between a marginal and a successful vision system installation.

Our machine vision systems consist of image analysis software, computers/sensors and optical systems (camera, light and lens) which are used to capture and analyze image data.

Once the image is analyzed:

  • the part can be rejected from the production line or marked for removal or additional processing;
  • Statistical Process Control data can be stored for reference by Quality Personnel on/offline;
  • Trajectory data can be transmitted to a robot for Pick-N-Place operations;
  • the Machine Process can be Dynamically Controlled.

Machine vision technology can be applied to visually inspect almost anything.  Products or parts can be inspected with Visible, Infrared, and X-Ray Cameras. Objects can be inspected at speeds of 12,000 discrete parts per minute at extremely high velocities exceeding 1000ft/min (~305m/min).

Integro Technologies supports and integrates 2D area and line-scan systems and utilizes 3D stereo imaging methods. Machine vision applications can be classified into four types of operations:

  • Gauging – Measure an object’s finished dimensions and compare to design tolerances;
  • Identification – Read 1D, Data Matrix (2D), PDF417 and other codes;
  • Guidance – Locate items on a moving conveyor and transmit trajectory data to a robot, and;
  • Inspection – Verify the use of proper color and labeling.

A single machine vision application may perform one or many types of operations per inspection cycle.  Since 2001, Integro Technologies has always maintained the highest Cognex status for Vision integrators.  The highest ranking in the Cognex integrator program is currently Partner System Integrator (PSI).  The Cognex PSI program consists of a select group of general purpose vision integrators and ID marking specialist.  Integro is classified as a general purpose PSI due to our ability to support Cognex’s full product range.

Integro Technologies provides on-site machine vision consulting services for end-users, system integrators and machine builders.

Our consulting services consist of:

  • Turn-Key Machine Vision System Installation;
  • Customized OEM Solutions;
  • On/Offsite vision training on general machine vision technology or specific applications;
  • Optimization of an optical system (light, lens and camera) for a given inspection;
  • Technology review of existing installations for potential upgrades or retrofit;
  • Communication troubleshooting to other devices;
  • Robotic system integration with vision systems, and;
  • Support to improve performance of hardware and/or software.

Send resumes to:

Employment Type: Full-time       

Experience: Senior level

Functions: Engineering  

Industries: Industrial Automation 

Veteran Commitment: Integro Technologies Corp. commits to hiring returning veterans.