TC Core Series from Opto-Engineering

Opto Engineering is proud to present the CORE family, a revolutionary product line that will change the machine vision world’s perspective on telecentric lenses and start a new era for telecentric applications.

TC CORE bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 2/3” feature a truly revolutionary ultra compact opto-mechanical design. These lenses deliver high-end optical performances and at the same time are up to 70% smaller than other double-sided telecentric lenses on the market, thus allowing to significantly downsize a vision system. The unique shape has been expressly developed for maximum mounting flexibility.

TC CORE lenses can be mounted in different directions using any of the 4 sides even without clamps, allowing to cut the system’s cost, and can be easily fitted or retrofitted even into very compact machines. TC CORE bi-telecentric lenses can also be coupled with the new ultra compact LTCLHP CORE series telecentric illuminators to build super small yet extremely accurate measurement systems.


  • Excellent optical performances -TC CORE bi-telecentric lenses deliver excellent optical performances as other comparable Opto Engineering bi-telecentric lenses.
  • Extremely compact – TC CORE lenses are up to 70% smaller than other telecentric lenses on the market.
  • Designed for flexibility and smart integration-TC CORE lenses integrate a camera phase adjustment and can be mounted on multiple sides with or without clamps, allowing to cut the costs.
  • Save you money -Systems integrating TC CORE lenses take much less space, resulting in lower manufacturing, shipping and storage costs.
  • Boost your sales – A smaller vision system or measurement machine is the solution preferred by the industry.

Opto-Engineering TC Core products are available from Integro Technologies, a leading machine vision integrator. Contact Integro at sales@integro-tech.com today.

To learn more about the TC Core family of products, visit http://www.oe-tccore.com or http://www.opto-engineering.com/.

Download a pdf brochuere here: TC Core Series Brochure.