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Integro focuses on machine vision and logistics solutions utilizing
Deep Learning, Hyperspectral Imaging, Robotics, AI, and more.


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  • Independent Evaluation by the Solutions Team prior to quotation
  • Customer kickoff meeting with a dedicated PM and the assigned team
  • Design Reviews
  • FATs and SATs
  • FS Documents upon project completion
  • On-Site and Remote Service available
  • System Training of customer team members

Machine Vision Only Company

Integro is the largest machine vision inspection ONLY company in North America. We design and develop your custom solution in-house and provide training, consulting, installation, troubleshooting, and more. Learn more.

Turnkey Solutions for Manufacturing

Integro provides turnkey vision inspection solutions for an array of industries: automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, military, packaging, and more. Check out our videos.

Vision Inspection Industry Expertise

Integro is an industry expert having been named Control Engineering's System Integrator of the Year, and is often cited in articles, webinars, interviews and more about machine vision. Learn more.

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Latest from Integro

Automated Cylinder Drop Test

This Automated Cylinder Drop Test automates a formerly manual drop test using a vision-guided 6-axis robot (Fanuc LR Mate). Features:…

Inhaler Count Verification

The purpose of this inhaler count verification application is to verify the digits on the counter of a medical inhaling…

Tube Vision Inspection System

The Tube Vision Inspection System (The Anaconda) is designed to inspect continuous material (e.g. surgical tubing, cable, wire) at production…

manual linescan station

Manual Linescan Station

The purpose of this manual linescan station application is to identify damaged product during or after the manufacturing process, prior…

Medical Bag Inspection System

The purpose of this Medical Bag Inspection System application is to inspect medical bags in web form within the final…

Metal Web Inspection

This metal web inspection application inspects six-inch webs of aluminum bonded to steel. A strip of metal is bonded, sanded,…

large paper roll inspection

Large Paper Roll Inspection

The large paper roll inspection system is designed to locate paper labels attached to the paper rolls and use OCR…

transmission inspection

Final Assembly Transmission Inspection

The final assembly transmission inspection station verifies the presence or absence of 47 discrete components/objects per transmission assembly. The system…

Rivet Inspection

This vision system inspects rivets, springs, flange tabs, and other parts on a torque converter clutch (TCC) assembly. The TCC…

inkjet label inspection

Inkjet Label Inspection

The inkjet label inspection system enables the end-user to print text or a label on a full tray of parts…

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Logistics Solutions

Integro’s Logistics Solutions:


✓ Higher read rate performance

✓ Increased speed and throughput

✓ Improved accuracy and efficiency

✓ Lower maintenance costs

✓ Preventing or correcting label and shipping errors


Learn more and have our Logistics Team contact you ASAP.

A Few of Our Inspection Solutions

Project Highlights

Logistics Solutions Tunnel

Deep Learning Food Inspection


Learn about the VisionVault®  Package, allowing for effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities here.


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  • Has your company experienced manufacturing issues that led to costly resorting or even recall?
  • Are your customers happy with product you provide them, or do they sometimes complain?
  • Do you have the necessary data to determine the root cause of defective products?
  • Has your customer ever complained about bad product? How are you preventing it from happening again?
  • Is there a benefit for your company by catching defects earlier in the process?
  • What would it look like if one of your customers left because your inspectors missed something?
Integro Technologies is here to help you solve these challenging problems. Integro designs and develops vision inspection systems for quality inspection for a wide range of manufacturing industries. Through Integro’s project development process, our team ensures the proper vision platform selection to match a company’s vision application and systems integration needs, while avoiding the common costly pitfalls related to such projects.