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About Us

Integro Technologies is a premier vision integrator and machine vision inspection company providing superior vision inspection solutions for challenging applications.

  • Integro provides 2D and 3D automated and static systems for production lines, offline production cells, and fully automated inspection machines.
  • Integro works with the best hardware and software companies in the world to provide customers with the most robust and reliable solution.
  • Integro partners with manufacturers to provide global solutions for quality issues they never thought they could solve.
  • Integro helps companies go from offline sample inspection to 100% automated inline inspection.
  • Integro has a customer-centric approach to projects and has dedicated teams and resources from project management, design, assembly, installation, training, and post-installation support and service.
Our team is well-trained, leveraging a combined 750+ man-years of vision experience. Over 1000 clients worldwide rely on our expertise to solve their most demanding vision applications on-time and within budget. WE ARE A MACHINE VISION SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. WE SEE WHAT OTHERS CAN'T!


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Why Us?

Machine Vision Only Company

Integro is the largest machine vision inspection ONLY company in North America. We design and develop your custom solution in-house and provide training, consulting, installation, troubleshooting, and more. Learn more.

Turnkey Solutions for Manufacturing

Integro provides turnkey vision inspection solutions for an array of industries: automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, military, packaging, and more. Check out our videos.

Vision Inspection Industry Expertise

Integro is an industry expert having been named Control Engineering's System Integrator of the Year, and is often cited in articles, webinars, interviews and more about machine vision. Learn more.

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We Are Here to Help

  • Has your company experienced manufacturing issues that led to costly resorting or even recall?
  • Are your customers happy with product you provide them, or do they sometimes complain?
  • Do you have the necessary data to determine the root cause of defective products?
  • Has your customer ever complained about bad product? How are you preventing it from happening again?
  • Is there a benefit for your company by catching defects earlier in the process?
  • What would it look like if one of your customers left because your inspectors missed something?
Integro Technologies is here to help you solve these challenging problems. Integro designs and develops vision inspection systems for quality inspection for a wide range of manufacturing industries. Through Integro’s project development process, our team ensures the proper vision platform selection to match a company’s vision application and systems integration needs, while avoiding the common costly pitfalls related to such projects.


  • User-Traceability
  • Data Archiving
  • Minimizes Security Risks
  • FDA: 21Part 11 Compliant
  • Microsoft Active Directory
3D Inspection
  • 3D Robotic Automation
  • Defect Inspection
  • Topography Mapping
  • 3D Volume Estimation
  • 3D Bead Seam Inspection
  • Food & Beverage
  • Aerospace & Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Pharma & Medical
  • Special Imaging
  • Full Part Handling
  • Yamaha Robotics
  • Universal Robots
  • KUKA

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Deep Learning Technology

Manufacturers are turning to deep learning technology to solve factory inspections that are too complicated, time-consuming, and costly to program using traditional machine vision. Learn more about deep learning today.

A Few of Our Inspection Solutions

Bushing Inspection System

Filter Vision Inspection


Learn about the VisionVault®  Package, allowing for effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities here.


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Download Our Capabilities Booklet

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