3D Glue Bead Inspection Solution

3D Glue Bead Inspection is the Solution for Precise Adhesive Dispensing

Adhesive dispensing is becoming more and more in demand around the globe, according to Transparency Market Research. The push for “easy & smooth application of adhesives” is being accelerated by “the growing demand for mechanical assembly, welded assemblies, handling/tending, and material finished products,” especially in advancing countries.

A Variety of Industries Utilize Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Manufacturers are discovering the benefits of adhesives over the mechanical assembly. As reported on Transparency Market Research, various manufacturing applications employ adhesive dispensing systems: medical device, electronics, automotive, construction, aerospace, telecommunications, furniture, defense industries, and other manufacturing applications.

Laying the Perfect Bead is Key in Adhesive Dispensing

Dispensing the right amount of adhesive entails multiple factors: height, width, volume, condition, position. While industries depend upon adhesive dispensing, they also depend upon inspection technology to confirm the proper application of the adhesive.

3D Inspection Technology is Advancing Adhesive Dispensing

The shift from 2D inspection to 3D inspection is proving to be “the only viable solution for automated quality control,” as reported on Metrology News. With 3D vision, it’s the sensory technology that provides “high-resolution height data,” that users need to “accurately determine glue bead location and volume.” As the article states, “3D provides a deeper layer of data that is essential to robust inspection.”

3D Glue Bead Inspection Systems Dispense the Perfect Bead for Assembly Lines

As reported in Quality Magazine, structural adhesives are becoming more popular in the automotive industry to employ aluminum for energy efficiency. Not only is aluminum more “difficult to weld,” it’s more complex to join with a dissimilar material, such as steel. Structural adhesives allow this combination to work.

3D bead inspection systems integrate the power of sensory technology to deliver “the right amount” of adhesive “at the right location.” From the furniture industry to the aerospace industry, 3D bead inspection offers the efficiencies manufacturers need to meet the projected growth’s demand while addressing alternative assembly solutions, costs, and quality control.

At Integro Technologies, we have the turnkey solution “to inspect 100% of your bead application” in any manufacturing process. Learn more about us, 3D bead inspection, and all the 3D machine vision solutions we can integrate.

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