3D Inspection for Logistics

3D imaging is making a big impact in Logistics automation solving many applications that plague throughput and reliability. These improvements are especially important right now with ecommerce orders at an all time high combined with current labor shortages.

3D Inspection for Logistics Solutions:

  • Dimensioning – Inline or offline accurate measurements that used to be acquired by operators and tap measures.
  • Positioning – Object location used for material handling systems such as palletization and pick and place operations.
  • Doubles Detection – When two packages pass a barcode scanner and only one label is read, this results in a wrong package being sent to the wrong location as the material handling solution sees the two packages as one package.
  • Damaged Packages – When a rectangular box is damaged, it can cause issues with the downstream automation causing downtime or customer complaints.
  • Item Detection – This is a simple verification showing that an item is present or absent. It is more accurate than 2D vision as it won’t get fooled by thing such as a label being stuck on a tilt tray.
  • Damaged Equipment – This is an inspection of the material handling system to prevent catastrophic failures before they happen.

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