5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Vision Integrator

1. We are highly experienced in the “Dark Arts” of machine vision.

Integro Technologies has an outstanding reputation for our depth of knowledge, our integrity, and the quality of our work.

Our staff is a highly experienced team of designers, engineers, project managers, technicians, electrical engineers, software designers, and application engineers.

With over 750+ man- years of hands on experience, we know machine vision.


2. No one can beat our awesome engineering lab. No one.

Integro Technologies’ engineering lab is one of a kind and is unique to the integration industry. Our lab includes vision software platforms such as Cognex (In-Sight, VisionPro PC & VC5, Dataman, and Checker), MVTec (Halcon and Merlic), Omron (FH and FJ), Keyence (XG-8000 and CV-5000), and Kuvio.

Our 3D image formation capabilities are unmatched including a 3D Image Formation Gantry System (Yamaha), Cognex DS, Smart Ray, Chromasens, and ifm efector. Other image formation competences include Basler and Dalsa.

Lights? We have lights galore including CCS America, Moritex, Advanced Illumination, Smart Vision Lights, and Spectrum Illumination.

Our lab includes lenses from Moritex, Opto-Engineering, and Edmund Optics as well as optical filter and mirror sets.

We have PLC Racks for Communication Testing and Replication including Allen Bradley/ Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Omron, and Mitsubishi.

Our optical benches include Vere and Newport, and we also have high speed linear rails, conveyor sections, rotary drums and platforms, and extrusion and bracketry.

We’ve got it all. And, if there is something else our clients need in our lab, we can make it happen.


3. Our Pre-Sales Engineering is rad.

Our Sales Engineers and Designers are superheroes.

They provide project mock-ups and image collection for proof of concept fast in an effort to solve the most difficult problems for our clients.

Want to see the design mockup before your company commits? We can handle it. We design on pointe to your company’s needs and ultimate satisfaction.

Our team walks with you every step of the way, from pre-sales to completion AND BEYOND.


4. Our facility is fierce.

Integro Technologies’ corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Salisbury, North Carolina in the Salisbury Business Center.

The Integro headquarters houses a 76-seat, stadium style auditorium for trainings and seminars, a specialized lab, a custom 16,000 square foot shop, and beautiful conference and meeting spaces.

Go ahead. Try to compare us to our competitors. Just try.  We are fully equipped for large scale project rollout.

Our facility is a lean, mean, vision integration machine (that is also highly professional and awesome).


5. We have a team that rocks the Casbah.

rock the casbahOur application engineers design customized software, while our shop techs build the application in our own manufacturing facility.

After the application is tested in our own lab and is approved by the client, our field engineers install it.

Project managers keep plans running smoothly, and they are the client’s trusted contact throughout the entire process.  We don’t just talk the talk here at Integro. We walk the walk like a boss.