540° Plastic Automotive Filter Inspection

540-degree inspection of filter mesh and injected molded assembly


  • Inspection of plastic and mesh automotive filters to detect missing, broken, misshaped or flagging mesh, and plastic flash including dimensional analysis. Inspected parts are automatically sorted and collected in pass/fail bins.


  • Bowl-feeder transportation of parts to shuttle singulation at robotic pick station.
  • SCARA robot (x, y, z and full rotation) to pick then rotate part in front of line scan and 2D camera for inspection.
  • User interface that includes statistical data display of inspection results with part images and pass/fail criteria which allows for modification of tolerances.
  • 1.6 second cycle time.


  • High-speed inspection and sortation with high accuracy.
  • Multiple defect types can be detected and identified to provide feedback for manufacturing process control and improvement.


View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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