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We are problem solvers for manufacturers. 

Benefit from our collective experiences, insight-driven strategies, and award-winning machine vision solutions


Integro Technologies is an industry leader in machine vision inspection. 

Integro’s stellar team provides consulting, training, service, design, development, and more.

Integro is a trusted source for industries including pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, packaging, and more. 

We do not represent one hardware supplier, so we do not force a specific solution on our customers. We learn about our customers needs and we develop a solution with the best technology available to solve their problem.




Problem Solvers. 


Integro’s project process is different. 

We have dedicated Project Managers that work directly with customers and the Integro team. The PMs are direct points of contact and drive the project from inception to completion.

Why Integro? 

  • Experienced and Professional Team
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Independent Vision Team to choose the right equipment for your project
  • Post-Sales training, consulting, and service 

In 2001, Integro Technologies was a one-man operation. Today, Integro is recognized as a premier, machine vision integrator focused on AI, deep learning, robotics, and logistics, and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

As Integro turns 20 this year, founder and CFO Tom Campion remembers the early days of the company when he relied solely on referrals and “word of mouth” marketing.

“We didn’t have a website. Our jobs came from the idea of ‘we know a guy who knows a guy who can do that.’ We tracked our bills on Excel spreadsheets and designed our drawings on the early version of Mechanical Desktop,” said Tom. “Business tools have changed significantly since the beginning when I was operating out of my home as the only Integro employee. Now, we are able to connect to our customers anywhere in the world using Microsoft Teams. It’s truly astonishing.”

Learn about Integro’s origin story here: From a One-Man Shop to a Global Industry Leader


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