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AI and 5G Enhance Competitive Edge in the Manufacturing

With the turn of a new century, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G technologies are on the brink of delivering manufacturing capabilities, never imagined possible, especially when it comes to machine vision. Machine vision powered with advanced AI (deep learning, the subset of machine learning) is helping the manufacturing market realize enhanced production operations and output. At Integro Technologies, we are successfully integrating deep learning into machine vision solutions with exciting results.

Advanced AI to Rapidly Upgrade the Manufacturing Market by 2025

With the advantage of deep learning, it’s no surprise to us at Integro Technologies that the forecasted growth of AI in the manufacturing market, as reported on MarketsandMarkets. “The artificial intelligence in manufacturing market is expected to grow from USD 1.0 billion in 2018 to USD 17.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 49.5% during the forecast period.”

The 5G Technology to Get Ramped Up in 2020

Many of us are anticipating the 5G revolution, with speed and low latency being the prime benefits. An informative review of 5G, as found on Tom’s Guide, gives insight into how 5G will change life as we know it. As the author points out, “5G is here, but so far, it’s a little overwhelming.” It will take some time for the entire country to have the 5G capability. “Overall, 2019 has been the year 5G starts to take off, but 2020 is when next-generation networks will have a meaningful impact on the masses.” Like advanced AI, the implementation of 5G will be speeding ahead in the next five years.

Integration of Advanced Technologies will Enhance the Manufacturing Industry

The complexity of 5G networks will rely on AI, as explained in Network Computing. “Machine learning will play a central role in the way operators plan, deploy, monitor, and operate their 5G networks.” By integrating these two technologies, AI-powered machine vision and 5G, manufacturing operations will realize ultimate production processes.

  • Quality assurance will be facilitated during the manufacturing process.
  • The low latency of 5G will enable the moving of critical point cloud data to data collection systems, proving real-time visibility into production processes and promote improved throughput.
  • Faster and confident decision making, across the supply chain, will enhance the competitive advantage.

These advanced technologies are here, and without a plan to move onto an advanced production platform could soon result in loss of your marketplace dominance. Contact the team at Integro Technologies to learn more about the power of these emerging technologies that will enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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