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Aerospace and Automotive Vision Inspection Systems

Integro Technologies is a trusted source for machine vision inspection applications for some of the world’s most recognized automotive and aerospace companies.

Utilizing advanced technology, Integro Technologies has created an array of aerospace and automotive vision inspection solutions.

Integro has designed and developed numerous applications including Stereo Imaging, automotive caulking station, control console inspection,  Bezel PQI inspection, Data Matrix and QR codes, high-speed filter inspection, label inspections, clutch plate inspection, multi-camera engine block inspection, oil filter spring inspection, and more.

Inspection examples:

Automotive and Aerospace


Aerospace and automotive assembly and manufacturing requires advanced automation, lot tracking, and component traceability.  Integro Technologies provides data tracking applications to capture critical information in quality control, item identification, test validation, and 3D topography mapping.

Automotive Vision InspectionAutomotive Vision Inspection Control Console Inspection with Machine VisionIntegro Technologies has vast experience in using machine vision technology to automate the inspection process to drive down cost and waste while meeting the requirements of busy aerospace and automotive plants. Integro’s data capture technology experience includes robot guidance, part traceability,  gauging critical dimensions, locating the presence of weld nuts, springs, and fasteners, bead tracking for sealants, inspection verification, and more.

Integro Technologies recently received a patent for the Tire Guardian, a tire inspection system.he Tire Guardian, designed and developed by Integro Technologies, reads, verifies, and documents all DOT information located on the sidewall of the tire.  It also verifies the size, speed rating, manufacturer, directional arrow for directional tires, and inspects for certain tire deformities.

The Tire Guardian 2.0 was recently developed and its design leverages the patented technology in the original Tire Guardian system released in 2012, for mounted Tire Wheel Assemblies (TWAs).  The Tire Guardian 2.0 design will inspect single sides or both sides of the sidewall on mounted or unmounted tires.

Integro Technologies is leading the way for the most effective and efficient aerospace and automotive vision inspection systems in the world.

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