Automated Cylinder Drop Test

This Automated Cylinder Drop Test automates a formerly manual drop test using a vision-guided 6-axis robot (Fanuc LR Mate).


  • Vision guidance for locating, picking, and placing cylinders
  • Electromagnets to pull cylinders away from edges of impact surface for proper pick
  • Custom hardened concrete impact surface to meet ANSI standards for cylinder drop tests
  • User-friendly interface to specify type of cylinder, cylinder quantity, and desired drop sequence
  • Stand-alone cell consisting of welded steel frame and interlock extrusion safety guarding
  • Custom gripper finger design to pick up both two cylindrical objects in vertical and horizontal positions


  • System can perform tests for up to 300 cylinders at a time without human intervention
  • Precise 1 meter height drop to meet ANSI standards
  • Mobile system that can be moved throughout test facility and only requires 120 VAC power source to function (no pneumatics)
  • Tray change takes less than 1 minute

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