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Basics of UDI Label Inspection

The FDA has directed that all medical devices contain UDI by 2021. By adopting the decree, various industrial committees have developed quality and application standards that mandate their manufacturers to comply with UDI labeling and inspection.

A Unique Device Identifier (UDI) is a unique alphanumeric or numeric code that comprises a device identifier, a fixed mandatory UDI that identifies the labeler, and the specific device version. It is simply a barcode.

UDI label inspection by Integro is crucial in many industrial applications.

Carton Inspection

Products packaged in cartons require proper accountability and clear labeling. By installing a machine vision system, the UDI labels will be scrutinized and inspected for even minor print errors, such as clarity and appearance of the labeled details, to ensure that high-quality standards are maintained at all times.

Bottle Inspection

UDI labels on bottles are primarily used to identify batch numbers if an issue happens and there is a need to resolve a specific batch. Our UDI label inspectors will always check out for irregularities in the batch detailing or other typographical errors that may occur.

Label Inspection

The proper labeling of medical products ensures that there is never unforeseen or compromised mix-up in the suitable delivery of medicine to intended patients. Integro gives and installs machine vision systems that will verify the authenticity and correct labeling of the medical products before, during, and after the labeling.

Importance of UDI Label Inspection

Proper registration and marking of products ensure a faster way of identifying expired, recalled, or faulty product batches. Proper inspection addresses goods counterfeiting issues by ensuring the labeling is as per the required standards and quality.

Work with The Professionals

At Integro, we are machine vision integrators who have perfected the designing and development of machine vision inspection solutions to read UDI labels.

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