Benefits 3D Vision Guided Robotics Automation

Automation is an ongoing process given how the technology associated with it continues to evolve. Even just a year from now, the way we manage our manufacturing might completely transform with new discoveries and inventions.

As of now, though, 3D vision is on the cutting edge of this automation-related technology. If you have yet to integrate this into your manufacturing setup, it’s high time you do. Why is that, you ask? Let’s explore how 3D vision-guided robotics improve manufacturing to find out.


Not only do 3D vision-guided robotics outperform humans when it comes to visual precision, they’re also a step ahead of the traditional 2D vision technology standard in most automated workplaces. The extra depth allows for more robust inspection and better performance from the robotics, being able to examine all sides of things on a manufacturing line as opposed to a simple two-dimensional plain. This leads to better products overall.


Also helped by 3D vision is the general speed of manufacturing. By consolidating the various 2D checks of something along an assembly line into a single 3D check, you’re able to cut down on the amount of time robotic assembly or inspection devices work with the things they’re processing. This means a quicker manufacturing process overall.


While the initial cost of upgrading is typically higher, the actual working costs of a manufacturing operation using 3D vision-guided robotics is more likely to drop over time. As mentioned before, the upgrade from 2D to 3D means a faster operation. This is due in part to simply needing less machines to do the job given 3D vision’s superiority over 2D vision.

3D vision-guided robotics are the way of the future, so adopt early to get ahead of the competition and figure things out quickly. For help with this, contact Integro Technologies for personalized vision inspection solutions to your manufacturing problems.


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