Benefits of Deep Learning with Machine Vision

We all know how crucial machine vision inspections are to every type of manufacturing business in our worldwide market. Competition is too high to allow defective parts and products to hit the shelves to consumers, not to mention the legality of any product that causes harm due to a defect. Today’s advanced technology through AI’s higher intelligence, known as deep learning, gives you the means to quickly identify parts and products that are not perfectly ready for use or sale. A solution can be discovered in as little time as a millisecond. We are in a deep learning revolution. The benefits of deep learning are vast.

Benefits of Deep Learning

The first ready-to-use deep learning-based software, Cognex ViDi Suite,  will save your industry time and money. No longer are manufacturing inspections too complicated with time wasted on the most minute problem causing even the slightest defects. Through the Cognex ViDi Suite, images are used to teach the software everything it needs to know. “Over one billion images” can be processed in a day.

  • Images that target a single part or multiple features are used to localize and identify complex details.
  • Images of good objects are used to detect qualitative defects.
  • Images assigned to and labeled that are consistent with the different classes for classification and identification.

Time is money. The speed and ease of set-up and operation of the Cognex software are just two of its valuable features. The system learns as a human would, but the learning curve is beyond human capabilities to quickly break down every detail of a part or product, identify a problem, and come up with a solution.

Design and Integration through Integro Technologies

The Integro Team will design and integrate a world-leading software solution to advance your company’s machine vision inspection process. We have combined a worldwide team offering the best in machine vision integration with years of industrial experience. We work with industries across the globe, and we have the workforce to work one-on-one with our clients to identify their objectives and their production requirements.

Let Integro Technologies increase your machine vision inspection capabilities with deep learning. Your company will quickly realize the savings of time and money. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of software like Cognex ViDi Suite.