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surface inspection
High-Resolution 3D and 2D Metrology and Surface Inspection of Composites
Metrology and Surface Vision Inspection System This vision inspection system from Integro Technologies enables automated, ultra high resolution linescan imaging
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3D Height Inspection Machine
3D Height Measurement System
This 3D height measurement system by Integro Technologies is capable of imaging a variety of product geometries and heights as
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Automotive Wheel lug
Automotive Wheel Lug Dimensional Verification System
The Automotive Wheel Lug Dimensional Verification System by Integro Technologies uses 3D-Laser profiling technology to evaluate key measures of refurbished
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board inspection machine
3D Wood and Composite Board Vision Inspection System
The Integro wood and composite 3D vision inspection system images and analyzes the entire perimeter of the presented product profile.
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High Speed Canister Inspection System
*Video removed temporarily. Contact Integro Technologies for more info. Please contact us today to investigate a potential solution to your
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metal rocker part vision inspection
Metal Rocker Part Vision Inspection System
This machine is inspecting two different small metal rocker part types at a rate of 125 parts per minute. This
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Vidi Cognex X-Ray
Enhance Existing X-Ray Systems with Deep Learning Technologies
Deep learning solutions help manufacturers push the limits of what’s possible with machine vision. Deep learning technology gives manufacturing equipment
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black cans evan-dvorkin-1480502-unsplash
Manufacturing is One Industry Benefiting from High-Speed Vision Inspection
Industries Realizing the Benefits of Machine Vision Intelligence Within artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning is advancing industrial processes and tasks
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action-asphalt-auto-210019 red car
3D Imaging: Increasing Safety while Scaling Parts Inspection for the Automotive Industry
Technology Innovations Making Driving Safer We are all seeing the safety features that advanced technology are now integrating into our
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Plastic parts
Improving Plastic Manufacturing Results with Machine Vision
The goal of automation has always been to produce high quality parts as quickly as possible. It’s unavoidable that some
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fanuc robotics
3D Vision-Guided Robotics: Not Just Selection, It’s Placement and Much More
Robotic Automation: Advancing at Lightning Speed It’s been decades since the first industrial robots were integrated into manufacturing lines at
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hyperspectral 3D image
Machine Vision Digital Report
Learn more about machine vision technology with this free machine vision ebook by Control Engineering Magazine. This ebook details advancements
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Cognex vidi graphic auto
Deep Learning Advantage
Machine Vision and Deep Learning A Machine Vision Revolution. Machine vision has become widely accepted by multiple industries as the
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Benefits 3D Vision Guided Robotics Automation
Automation is an ongoing process given how the technology associated with it continues to evolve. Even just a year from
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Vision Integration Rendering Vision Inspection Machine Vision Integrators
Machine Vision Automation – Moving You Into The Future
You can find automation in just about any working sector but the industrial arena has been on that has seen
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container inspection cell
3 Reasons for Implementing High Speed Vision Inspection in Manufacturing Operations
As technology marches on, we can see the effects of automation in all aspects of our lives. It should come
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FANUC Robots Coordinated Basketball Dance
FANUC M-10i A and Arc Mate 100iC Robots Demonstrate Coordinated Motion on a Basketball
This video features two FANUC Robots performing coordinated motion — A FANUC M-10iA robot rotates a basketball while a FANUC
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360 Degree Material Handling Vision Inspection System
The material handling system represents a low volume 360-degree visualization and inspection solution for consumer products or other cylindrical parts.
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Organizational Benefits of 3D Inspection on Manufacturing Lines
3D inspection technology adds another dimension for inspecting parts and products. Quality control is improved with the capability of evaluating
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eye iris and circuit binary internet concept
Machine Vision Trends – Webinar
On April 24, David Dechow, Principal Vision Systems Architect, Integro Technologies will discuss some of the advances in components and
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Piston Ring Inspection
Machine Vision and Deep Learning
Technology is the road to future success for manufacturers. With new technologies like machine vision being implemented on a daily
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Food packaging inspection
Machine Vision Inspection for the Food Industry
When working with food, there’s nothing more important than safety. One wrong move can poison someone. When you’re working in
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Upcoming Webinars
Industry 4.0: Machine vision’s role in the smart factory Vision Systems Design Magazine February 27, 2019 11:00 AM Eastern Standard
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Industrial Eye and Integro Strategically Partner Up
Industrial Eye and Integro Technologies partner to provide machine vision solutions to tri-state region manufacturing industry   Salisbury, NC, February
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Glass Defect Inspection
Glass Jar Inspection Application
Glass Jar Foreign Material Detection Vision Inspection System The system evaluates a glass jar with a 360-degree view for small
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Factory Automation with Vision Guided Robotics
Combining Robotics and Deep Learning Machine Vision Advances Factory Automation We know that robotics are working in many factory applications
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Integro tapped to enhance existing tire DOT OCR
Integro enhances existing tire DOT OCR solution with modified control and safety package to improve integration into customer’s manufacturing process.
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