Bottling Inspection

Machine Vision for Bottle Inspection

Integro Technologies specializes in machine vision inspection solutions for bottling inspection. Integro provides vision inspection solutions for reliable verification and data archiving throughout the manufacturing process.

Coca_Cola_bottlingStarting with the initial ingredients or syrup packaging, the case labels can be 100% verified for all print and ingredient statements prior to mixing or shipping.

In the depalletizing area, the cameras can determine if the correct bottle is on the line, and if there are mold or deformation defects that could cause jams in the labeler or capper stations.

Once the bottle has been deemed appropriate to fill, the Cap and Fill Level inspection mounts at the exit of the capper and verifies the presence and integrity of the safety seal (locked, broken, missing), cap height relative to the flange, and the fill level of the translucent bottles.

After packaging, a vision station can verify that the case is full and all cap colors match prior to sealing.

Integro can design and develop a bottling inspection application for your needs.

Vision Integration for Industry:

  • Case Completeness
  • Bottle Type Verification
  • Sticker Verification
  • Stamp and Sealant Inspection
  • Bottle Seal Finish Inspection
  • Cork Inspection
  • Pallet ID System
  • Lid Verification System
  • Label Inspection and Placement
  • QR Code Inspection
  • Barcode Inspection
  • Bottle Inspection
  • Fill-level  Inspection
  • Cap Seal Inspection
  • Plastic Inspection
  • Label GCAS Verification
  • Case Text Verification
  • Case Label Inspection System
  • and so much more!

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   UV Safety Seal Bottling Inspection

Cap Seal and Fill Bottling InspectionFill Bottling Inspection

Fill level bottling inspection   Bottling inspection type verification

Bottle Seal Finish Inspection   Case Label Inspection

Customized Label Inspection SystemCase Pack Verification System

Bottle Seal Finish Inspection  Omniview 360 degree bottling inspection

Examples of Machine Vision Applications and Solutions by Integro Technologies:

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