Bullseye Rapid Tube and Lumen Vision Inspection System

Bullseye Rapid Tube and Lumen Vision Inspection System is designed to measure the outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), wall thickness, concentricity & ovality, and other key parameters to pre-determined performance specifications. The system can inspect clear, colored and opaque tubing, and includes a rotary table that can be used to measure multiple product configurations.

The Bullseye Inspection System provides easy to use inspection software coupled with a variety of inspection options that may be applied to meet or exceed your visual inspection requirements. The system is capable of a point to point accuracy of <0.0005 inch, and can interface with SPC/SQL packages to track defects and key performance indicators.

  • Automated product configuration via carousel
  • 15 carousel product guides 0.030 thru 1.50 inch diameter
  • Graphical representation of key product metrics
  • Interfaces available for SPC/SQL packages
  • Designed to meet Clean Room requirements
  • Ultra high accuracy image resolution
  • Image storage of failed product for QA review
  • Customizable HMI based on customer requirements


View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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