surface inspection blemish

Complex Surface Blemish Inspection

This Complex Surface Blemish Inspection system contains a nine-axis camera driven walking beam with flipping mechanism for smooth 3D laser profile image acquisition and formation of all flat, crescent shaped surfaces at 30ppm.

surface inspection blemishFeatures:

  • Four (4) Laser Profilers imaging all surfaces of flat crescent shaped parts with complex machined geometric features
  • Innovative flattening algorithm for geometric data normalization to detect minute cracks, chips, waves, and chatter (unground surfaces) in the metallic components’ part surface
  • First of its kind inspection solution for electronic component manufacturer to eliminate 100% manual inspection of individual components
  • Designed to be manually loaded or fully automated with robotics pick-n-place and part stacking systems

Download the 3D Complex Surface Blemish Inspection Flyer here.

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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