Consumer Product Vision Inspection Solutions

Inspection of Colored Components

Integro Technologies specializes in customized Consumer Product Vision Inspection Solutions. As ID integrators, we rely heavily on the experience and expertise of our engineering team to develop advanced traceability solutions for manufacturing that ultimately keep consumers safe.
While Integro Technologies is a trusted source to provide the appropriate technology and solutions to the most difficult inspection problem, what we really offer to our clients (and their consumers) is peace of mind.

For us, it is not just “quality control”, but “quality assurance.” When we design product solutions to protect your family, we are protecting our own as well.

Utilizing machine vision technology, we have designed solutions to inspect proper label placement and readability, food traceability, medical tubing, safety seals and lids, fill levels, ingredient statements, thermal seal integrity, packaging rates, UV seal inspection and more.

We design consumer product solutions to keep people safe and healthy. At Integro, we raise the bar in manufacturing solutions that will affect consumers, because we recognize that what we are developing keeps our families safe too.

Integro Technologies is available to design innovative and state-of-the-art consumer product solutions for all manufacturing industries.

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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