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Deep Learning & AI for Food Product Inspection

Integro Technologies is actively adapting traditional and newer Deep Learning & AI vision related technologies to inspect food products from the field or prior to  processing and packaging operations.

The location, identification, and classification of defects on zucchini,  cucumbers, and other produce, for example, can be inspected and sorted at production rates as illustrated in the video.  Inspection can be performed using color and/or multi-spectral imaging techniques to improve data availability for processing and classification.

Examples of food products that can be inspected for foreign material & damage and/or sorted:

  • Grapes
  •  Nuts
  •  Flower petals
  •  Chicken
  •  Meat products
  •  Cucumbers
  •  Oranges

Examples of foreign material:

  • Latex gloves
  • Twigs
  • Rocks
  • Decaying material
  • Bruising-Damage
  • Discolored material


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