Avoid Defective Tire Catastrophes

Over the years, it has been documented that plenty of tire manufacturers have gotten into lawsuit trouble over defective tires causing dismemberment or fatal accidents.

The quality phase of the manufacturing process must be of the highest priority to avoid catastrophic results.


The Tire Guardian

An automatic inspection station, designed by Integro Technologies, can ensure that a defective tire will not pass through the quality phase unchecked.  The solution is the Tire Guardian.

  • Confirms the correct wheel has been matched with the correct tire.
  • Confirms the tire bead is correctly seated on the wheel rim.
  • Reads and verifies DOT codes, speed rating, direction, manufacturer, and size.
  • Inspects the tire for deformities.


Refurbished Wheel Rims

Refurbished rims are those that have been minimally damaged in an accident and then were reconditioned as closely as possible to factory-new condition.

The accident damage may range from minor scrapes, significant dents, or gouges that could change the shape of the wheel.

The reconditioning process could entail reshaping, bending, straightening, removal or addition of materials, welding, machining, super-heating, and repainting.  The goal is to get it to the same size and condition when the wheel was new.

If the remanufacturing process alters the fundamental structure of the wheel, this could pose a danger to recipients of these structurally altered wheels by causing a loss of control of the car or rollovers.


Automotive Wheel Lug Dimensional Verification System

To verify the refurbishing process of a reconditioned wheel, the Wheel Lug Dimensional Verification System would be able to confirm that the wheel specifications are as close to factory-new as possible.  This machine locates, measures and reads,

  • Serialized wheel barcode (1D/2D)
  • Two air stems
  • Backplate planarity
  • Lug hole surface flaws
  • Other critical dimensional measurements.

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