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Factory Automation with Vision Guided Robotics

Combining Robotics and Deep Learning Machine Vision Advances Factory Automation

We know that robotics are working in many factory applications to assemble specific parts. We also have deep learning machine vision advancing many inspection applications for a variety of industries. It is getting even better with the integration of robotics and advanced machine vision. It is the perfect blend of AI-driven technologies. Your operation can now speed up the production of perfected and precise products, while employee mishaps and waste can be eliminated.

Detailed Inspection of Connective Parts such as Press-fit Copper Fittings

From plumbing to hydraulics, fittings are vital to the pipes and hoses that move fluids, and leaks can be detrimental in many applications. Press-fit copper fittings are continuing to grow in popularity for their easy installation process and leakage prevention.

There is an advanced system that ensures total verification of part geometry and confirmation of precise O-ring placement and seating. It is the Kuka Robotic Automation Vision Inspection System.

Advanced 3D Pick and Place with Total Accuracy

You can now increase production lines where parts must be placed on fast-moving conveyor belts. By implementing SICK Universal Robots, 3D vision allows the robot to quickly and precisely pick up a part from an unorganized bin, and accurately place it quickly to move on down the line. Deep learning machine vision allows the robots to be programmed for thousands of objects and orientations.

FANUC CERT LR Mate 200iC_661FANUC Technology Meets Integro’s Experience

Integro Technologies recently announced that it is now a FANUC Authorized System Integrator. Integro offers its customers a seamless level of automation to their production lines through the synthesis of intelligent robotics, machine vision expertise, and support services. As a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, Integro’s customers will increase production, reduce cost, and increase profits.

Once the choice to automate is made, the line of industrial robots from FANUC Robotics offers industry-leading features, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

ViDi_Screen_ShotTime and Money Saved from Machine Vision and Deep Learning

Deep learning algorithms automate quality control by learning what a “good” part looks like, and rejecting the rest. More broadly, deep learning algorithms are used to learn what part of the manufacturing process causes a set of defects. The algorithm could then adjust the process and remove the defect from subsequent parts on the fly. Deep learning combined with machine vision capabilities form critical inspections that go beyond human capabilities thus saving time and money for the manufacturer.

Increase Material Handling Efficiencies as well as Employee Morale and Safety

If your production process is inclusive of those tasks that require extreme caution, today’s combination of robotics and advanced machine vision gives you a quality solution. By integrating machine vision software in vision-guided robot applications, your operation will realize multiple benefits.

  • The efficiency of mundane and dangerous tasks are automated.
  • Employees can be reassigned to elevated jobs increasing job satisfaction and morale.
  • Employee safety and OSHA compliance are elevated.

Integro Technologies Moves Manufacturing Operations into the Future

Whatever your manufacturing operation produces, the team at Integro Technologies have built invaluable partnerships to bring the future onto your factory floors. We are here to deliver every new innovation that advanced machine vision can offer. Contact our team to see how you can increase precision products, and learn how you can realize your return on investment is not far into the future.