FaroArm at Integro Technologies

FaroArm Measurement at Integro Technologies

For more than 35 years, FARO® has designed, developed and delivered the leading and most trusted arm technology in the market and is recognized as the world’s most innovative, portable, 3D measurement solution provider for factory metrology.

The FaroArm is the preeminent portable coordinate measuring machine that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more.


The FaroArm provides highly-precise and reliable 3D measurements of both large and small parts during production and quality assurance processes.

Integro Technologies uses the FaroArm technology to facilitate information gathering at the onset and throughout design phase of projects. FARO takes human error out of the system realization process.

Where a tape measurer, scale, or calipers could be misread, Integro Technologies can now have a permanent, reusable, digital copy of a customer’s machine accurate down below .25 mm using FARO technology that will help ensure our machine vision systems fit within our customer’s constraints.

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