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Automated Fever Detection Solution

Automatically detect elevated temperatures in employees, contractors and visitors entering your facility and help prevent viruses from infecting your workforce.

  • Temperature measurement via thermal (IR) camera
  • Measurement accuracy to +/- 0.5C with blackbody reference
  • Absolute or relative (population based) measurements
  • Automatic face and hot spot (inner canthus) detection
  • Complies with social distance standards of six feet or 2 meters
  • No operator intervention necessary
  • Visual GO/STOP outputs
  • Measurement logging of results and images
  • Rate of one person every 3.5 seconds with people walking through the machine from start to end at social distancing standards, or approximately 17 to 20 people per minute (up to 1200 people per hour).

Application Runtime Interface

Typical Setup with Blackbody Reference


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