Glass Jar Defect Detection Vision Inspection

Glass Defect InspectionThe system evaluates a glass jar with a 360-degree view for small cracks in the rim, cracks running along the side wall, cracks inthe bottom, and foreign material such as cardboard and glass shards at 120ppm.


  • Foreign material and glass shard optical detection
    system with masked jar bottom molded features to
    eliminate false rejects
  • Automatic camera and image formation adjustments via
    linear servos for various part configurations via a single
    user interface
  • The camera positions as well as the trigger sensors are servo controlled to deal with differing diameters. They move automatically by an intuitive recipe selection. Recipes are very easily added, modified, and implemented.
  • Custom stainless steel structure and backlit conveyor solution for installation into an existing production
    line or a new production line
  • The system took two days to install and one day to test vision
  • The system was fully qualified and operational within 4 days


Glass Inspection from Integro Technologies on Vimeo.