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Help Desk for Integro Customers

help deskThe Help Desk system allows a client to notify  Integro Technologies of possible issues concerning their machine vision applications through a dedicated communication channel.  The usual method of communications is by way of e-mail, but the Help Desk system can also be integrated through phone, Skype, or SMS.

Once the client follows the simple instructions using the Help Desk System, it automatically processes the information and takes the following actions:

  • Assigns a service level,
  • Assigns an experience machine vision technician,
  • Establishes a completion date, and
  • Sends a reply back to the client.

The Help Desk system improves the response time of graphical representation “First Call Resolution” timing significantly, as most of the time the repairs can be done by the client’s in-house personnel with guidance over the phone by the  Integro Technologies technician.  If it is determined that an  Integro Technologies technician is required on-site, the system Remote Access via VPN allows for a much quicker response in order to minimize disruption to the client’s operations.

The Help Desk System‘s asset tracking module allows Integro Technologies to review every incident reported on a specific machine vision application.  Thus establishing a complete history for each machine vision application, which can determine root causes in order to resolve reoccurring or systemic problems.

Benefits to the Client:

  • Always in the communication loop via e-mail/messaging
  • Caller Web Access – create, track, escalate or withdraw support requests
  • Check progress or status of the incident via the web
  • Standardize incident requests through structured web format
  • Incidents are resolved in a very timely manner
  • Reduced downtime, and cost per incident

Please contact us by e-mail at to discuss your machine vision consulting and field service needs.  Visit here for instructions on submitting to the Help Desk.