High Speed Bushing Inspection

Cylindrical Bushing SystemCylindrical Bushing Internal Coating Verification and Dimensional Analysis System

This high speed, (300ppm) backlit, singulation, material handling, rejection tracking and verification system was designed for bulk feeding and orientation of 50 different sized part numbers with three (3) machine vision sensors.

  • Parts vary in height, diameter, flange size, and coating
    type and color
  • Automatic system adjustment via linear servos, VFD,
    and camera inspection programs
  • HMI allows for operator to select pre-programmed
    recipe for part features and/or create new product
    recipe for inspections
  • Part change over takes less than 30 seconds from in
    spection configuration manager
  • Two (2) inspection bins for various defect mode separation/sorting downstream of the three
    inspection points
  • Includes modified virtual motion axis tracking system and provides statistical data collection

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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