high speed canister inspection

High Speed Canister Inspection System

Canister Inspection

With the design and development of the high speed canister inspection systems (1200ppm @ 400fpm), Integro Technologies incorporated a number of new technologies. The new vision technologies applied on these projects were pericentric and fisheye optical systems with increased depth of focus and operational range, 10GigE cameras for increased image transfer speed, and optimized high speed algorithms for polar unwrap and edge blemish detection with execution times below 5 milliseconds.

The new vision technology were then packaged into Stainless Steel enclosures and integrated by the Integro design teams using SolidWorks mechanical and electrical packages. Four custom inspection solutions were generated for the end user: Top & Bottom Label, Side Label, Product overhang, and damaged canisters.

The utilization of SolidWorks improves departmental communication and clarity leading to robust vision systems designs.

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