High-Speed Inspection for Plastic Parts

When your plastic parts lines are humming along at high-speed inspection rates of 30 fps or more, an undetected defect can cause a lot of waste, literally in the blink of an eye. In most cases, the problem occurs at the beginning of the production line.

To the human eye, product moving down the line at those speeds is a blur and undetected defects will fill your fail bins at 30 fps as opposed to filling your production quota. Inspection tasks such as detecting flawed seals, fill levels, or flash defects require intelligent machine inspection systems to support competitive high-speed production demands.

The continuous material runs for surgical tubing in the medical field, or for wire and cable applications can reach rates of 600 fpm. At Integro we have solutions for plastics manufacturers which will meet or exceed your demanding visual inspection requirements.

If a defective plastic product somehow makes it past your fail bins and into the market, your company could be looking at costly recalls, especially in cases of product safety hazards. To operate safely and profitably at 30 fps or more, high-speed machine vision is the solution.

We can integrate our proven machine vision solutions for enhanced quality control throughout your entire production process, from early problem detection at the beginning of the production line to final visual case inspection prior to shipping.

Faster Inspection for Faster Production

Integrated high-speed inspection can acquire and process images in 20ms or less, with frame rates up to hundreds of fps. Reducing inspection time is the governing factor for safely increasing the rate of production. At Integro Technologies, we integrate our machine vision systems and carefully design specifically to suit your existing production applications for optimized:

  • image capture and digitization
  • image analysis
  • reporting and decision-making commands
  • data analysis for downstream action

Let’s take a closer look at two of our plastics manufacturing applications.

Automotive Plastic Filter Vision Inspection

In this system, we put a SCARA robot to work picking and rotating parts for a line scan and visual inspection before a 2D camera. The user interface features a statistical data display of inspection results with part images. The system’s pass/fail criteria can be calibrated via the user interface allowing for versatile modification of tolerances.

The Automotive Plastic Filter Vision Inspection system operates with a cycle time of 1.6 seconds and uses a bowl-feeder to transport the high quantity of parts required to keep up with the hard-working SCARA robot. In that 1.6 second cycle, the system performs a multi-task inspection to:

  • detect missing, broken, misshaped or flagging mesh
  • detect plastic flash including dimensional analysis
  • automatically sort and collect in pass/fail bins

This highly efficient vision inspection system detects and identifies multiple defects, making it indispensable for manufacturing process modification and the highest level of reliable high-speed quality control.


The Anaconda Tube Vision Inspection System

We’re using proven Cognex vision technology combined with easy-to-use software to provide a variety of inspection solutions for continuous tubing runs at speeds in excess of 600 fpm. Process data acquired by the Anaconda system is a significant improvement compared to laser systems, storing failed product images for quicker troubleshooting and correction of the production process.

The Anaconda monitors both inside and outside tubing diameters and is able to detect flaws at the highest production speeds. Time-based delays can fire outputs for active cutting.


Machine Vision Solutions at Integro Technologies

The team at Integro Technologies is committed to providing turnkey, machine vision solutions for manufacturers in industries across the board. Industrial clients around the globe rely on our team’s technical experience to optimize uptime with our smoothly integrated machine vision solutions. If you need to get your production line up to speed today, don’t hesitate to contact us.

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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