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High Speed Tool Bit Inspection System

The Integro high-speed tool bit inspection system processes one part every two seconds.  Customer part trays, of multiple configurations, are delivered to the robotic cell through a conveyor system.  The trays are stopped on the conveyor, and a high-resolution camera is utilized to locate each part in the tray and provide trajectory information to the first ceiling mounted Yamaha Robotics (YRG) SCARA system.

The robot immediately picks up an individual tool bit and delivers it to an optical-grade glass gauging platform center.  The first robot then returns to pick the next part from the incoming tray position.  Once the robot clears the inspection area, the part is imaged and inspected using a 21MP telecentric optical system with a collimated illumination source to yield a top down view of the tool bit.  The top down view is a high-resolution silhouetted view of the tool bit for gauging and maximum material defect perimeter detection.

The inspection result and part position is communicated to the secondary YRG Ceiling mounted SCARA robot.  The secondary YRG SCARA robot will pick up the part and present the first cutting face to a lateral ultra high-resolution telecentric image formation system to gauge and perform perimeter inspection.  The robot quill is then rotated 180 degrees at high speed to inspection the second cutting face of the given tool bit.  If all inspections pass the imposed criteria, the part will be loaded into an good exit tray.  If the part fails, it will be loaded to a reject tray for further human scrutiny.

The primary and secondary robots are synchronized to eliminate the potential for collision while optimizing kinematic robotic cell performance.

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