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Hot Industries for Machine Vision in 2015

hot-trends-2012The Automated Imaging Association, a global association for vision information, featured an article by Winn Hardin titled,  “Hot Industries Expected to Support Machine Vision Growth Into 2015.”

Utilizing research from the machine vision industry in 2013 and 2014,  significant growth is on the rise:

“After stellar growth in 2013 and 2014, the machine vision industry expected double-digit growth to flatten in the second half of 2014. The good news: the market beat expectations, and that strength could continue into 2015 thanks to a number of hot industries and global trends, especially for machine vision companies selling in North America and supporting companies with strong imports into North America.”

According to Hardin:

Machine vision companies involved in process industries, in particular petroleum refining, should gain the most from this build-up of U.S. manufacturing capacity as the majority of the new manufacturing construction has come from this sector. Analysts also expect strong growth from the U.S. aerospace, industrial machinery, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as energy sectors, while the electrical lighting and steel industries are expected to trail.”

Serialization is on the rise as technology relies on more complex algorithms as well as in increase performance of embedded systems.

John Merva, vice president, North America, for Gardasoft (Cambridge, United Kingdom) and AIA board member states, “One trend I expect to see in 2015 is that lighting gets more intelligent and easy to use, for instance a controller that identifies the type of light and its drive characteristics, eliminating costly set-up errors that can damage the light and/or lead to extended debug time.”

To read the complete article, visit AIA Vision Online.