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How Can VisionVault Improve User Accountability on the Manufacturing Line?

How do you ensure user-access control and securely monitor your manufacturing line without increasing administrative costs? VisionVault from Integro Technologies is your solution to user-traceability and data archiving on your manufacturing line. The system provides administrators and supervisors with flexible and secure monitoring in an easy to implement and scalable solution.

What Is VisionVault?

VisionVault is a user-traceability and data archiving system that records and archives all user access and camera changes. The system is effective for standard enforcement in your assembly plant by administrators and supervisors. Administrators can easily access data and reports regarding user access and changes made to the manufacturing line and cameras through a single sign-on. The system even allows fine-tuning of the reports and user-access, by the camera, cell, production line, production factory, or a customized combination.

The reports generated by VisionVault contain useful information for identification, including:

  • Terminal used to log in
  • Username
  • Time and date
  • Changes made to the manufacturing line or camera

Where Is VisionVault Used Effectively?

VisionVault can be used to enforce access policies and standards on the manufacturing line. It is vital to highly controlled manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The solution scales with your organization and works with biometrics and RFID badge access.

The system provides a level of security that complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11 for electronic document access. Permissions and authentication are handled by Microsoft Active Directory and users can log in with the same credentials, so no additional hardware is required. The system supports Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer web browsers and can be accessed through Cognex In-Sight Explorer, EasyBuilder, and VisionView 900.

Maintain Your Manufacturing Line With VisionVault

If you need to monitor and control access to your vision inspection system, VisionVault is the solution. Contact Integro Technologies to find out how VisionVault can be integrated into your manufacturing line without any additional hardware.

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