Inbound Logistics Solutions Start Your Operation with Efficiency

Whether your operation is the manufacturing of products or warehousing products for distribution, inbound logistics is the first step to handling the raw materials for production or products for outbound distribution. Identifying, sorting, and storing these incoming items in an organized and efficient manner is vital to the efficiency of moving to the packaging or production phase, and ultimately fulfilling outgoing orders.

Inbound Logistics for Manufacturing

As forecasted on Inbound Logistics, now, three years in the past, a connected plant floor is a necessity to compete against global competition and “rising customer demand for more options and higher quality products.” A trend in manufacturing is the ability to have visibility throughout every process with “core focus with a blend of technology – barcode scanning, RFID, and real-time locations systems.”

Inbound Logistics for Warehousing

Also found on Inbound Logistics, it’s time to “take stock of the warehouse solutions powering e-commerce success.” Three innovations that are attributing to warehousing success is “technology, equipment, and warehouse size and layout.”

Integro Technologies has Inbound Logistics Solutions

At Integro Technologies, we are leading the way to help manufacturing and warehousing operations with machine vision and barcode reading advanced technologies that improve logistic applications by increasing speed, improving accuracy, and lowering handling time, resulting in lower costs. The technology is available to automate and scale your inbound inventory processes.

Pallet Scanning and Inbound Sorting

With the Cognex barcode readers, pallet scanning and inbound sorting accurately and quickly check-in materials or merchandise into inventory against open purchase orders, sort, and send the items to their proper storage locations. When you integrate the efficiency of the Cognex image-based barcode readers, you will realize reduced labor costs that will attribute to maximizing productivity.

The goal of taking orders is to deliver quality products, on time, and costing the least amount of money to realize the best possible profit. Inbound logistics technology offers the efficiencies you want that will save your operation time and money on the front end. We welcome your call for a more in-depth review of the logistics solutions we have that will help your operation run efficiently throughout the entire process, from inbound to outbound.

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