Innovative Logistical Solutions for Fulfillment Centers

Integro Technologies is proud to be a global industry leader in machine vision, developing and designing the solutions for an array of industries in machine vision, logistics, robotics, AI, and Data Analytics capabilities. Along with our highly-skilled and diverse team, our partnerships with industry leaders is what continues to strengthen our team’s ability to provide consulting, training, service, design, development, and more. Integro provides innovative logistics solutions for fulfillment centers and distribution locations.

Cognex: Our Partner for Excellence in Logistical Innovations

From convenience to pandemic urgency, retail distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, and parcel processing are rapidly increasing in demand. We are proud to partner with Cognex for their logistical solutions to offer the automation to optimize operations in both labor and equipment.

COVID-19 is Catalyzing Logistical Changes for a New Normal

We’re all too familiar with the changes brought about by COVID-19. From manufacturing to retail shopping, the pandemic is forcing changes in logistics. One such arena is the acceleration for retail automation.

As the pandemic continues to linger, more and more people are trying out online grocery shopping. The convenience may lead to a growing trend.

COVID-19 is catalyzing changes for manufacturers. It’s vital to know “what the new normal will look like” and learn how to make the changes your business needs for success.

Logistical Solutions for Common and Complex Applications

With the power of Cognex, you can scale and optimize your operations with logistical application solutions. We can help you receive, fulfill, and ship with exceptional efficiencies.

  • Automated Sorting
  • Dimensioning
  • Pallet Scanning
  • Pick and Pack Sorting
  • Print and Apply
  • Warehousing
  • Inbound Sorting
  • Outbound Sorting

The team at Integro Technologies is here to help you “power up your operations.” From simple problems to complex issues, we’re here to help your business tackle your logistical challenges. We have the logistical solutions that will accelerate and scale your operation. Contact us to see how efficient your business can run with innovative logistical solutions powered by Cognex.