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Integro is an AIA Certified System Integrator

Integro Technologies is an AIA Certified System Integrator

AIA Certified System IntegratorIntegro Technologies Corp is pleased to be accepted into the AIA Certified System Integrator Program as a certified machine vision integrator.

The AIA certification is an unbiased validation of our engineering team’s experience and knowledge in the application of machine vision and ID technologies to provide customized turnkey solutions to end users and machine builders.  Machine vision integrator programs implemented by vendors become diluted by unqualified or less experience integration firms as the programs mature due to sales pressure.

AIA is an independent third party assessor that provides further validity to the certification and will assist future and current customers of machine vision technology in making informed decisions about machine vision system integration partners.

The AIA Certified System Integrator Program allows system integration companies to demonstrate the depth of their expertise and highlight their industry experience. Customers can trust that this group of qualified companies specialize in system integration and have met the AIA’s specific criteria for years of experience, skill level of employees ( a minimum number of CVP-Advanced team members), number of projects completed each year, and verified experience in specific industries.

To learn more about AIA Certified System Integrator Program, visit their website.