Integro partners win Innovation Awards

For the second year in a row, Vision Systems Design held its Innovator Awards program, which celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems found in the machine vision and image processing industry.

Several of Integro Technologies’ partners were recognized.

Vision Systems Design

Silver-Level Honorees

  • silverBasler – PGI Feature Set. Basler’s PGI Feature Set is an in-camera image optimization for color cameras based on a combination of 5 x 5 de-Bayering, color anti-aliasing and de-noising. PGI operates in the camera and is designed to obtain the best possible image quality without loss of speed or increase of processor load.
  • Edmund Optics – TECHSPEC Cx Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses. TECHSPEC Cx Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses features a modular three-piece design that incorporate precision fixed apertures, internal filter holders or liquid lenses into the assembly. The three pieces (front, middle, and back) can all be separated and manipulated to allow for shifting and changing of optical elements to alter the working distance range of the lens.
  • Metaphase Technologies – The Eclipser, a dark field LED line light for detecting defects in optically clear materials. Eclipser is a back line light for improved detecting of imperfections in optically clear materials that previously could not be seen with traditional line scan illumination techniques. This LED illuminator uses strategically positioned LEDs with innovative optics to highlight sub-pixel defects such as gels, unmelts, stones and contaminants.

Gold-Level Honorees

  • CCS AmericaInnovators Award – Pattern Blazer structured light projector. The CCD Pattern Blazer is an LED fixed-pattern projector for structured lighting in 3D machine vision. It uses an LED source and Four Thirds DSLR optics and can be equipped with any LED wavelength from the UVA to the NIR.
  • Keyence Corporation of America – Auto-Teach Inspection Tool. Keyence’s Auto-Teach Inspection Tool algorithm teaches a sample of known good parts and uses statistics to automatically set the ideal tolerances for rejecting bad parts, even parts with defects unexpected at the time of setup.
  • Opto Engineering – CORE series. CORE series are telecentric lenses and illuminators. They are up to 70% smaller in height than other solutions due to their design, which is patent-pending internationally. They operate in extremely reduced space, allowing users to build compact measurement machines with lower expenses for production, transportation, and storage.
  • Gardasoft Vision – Triniti CL – Camera, Light, Lens Control. With the addition of Lens Controllers to the Gardasoft triniti intelligent lighting platform, developers can configure, program and monitor cameras, lighting and lenses – all from within one common environment.

Platinum-Level Honorees

  • Smart Vision LightsInnovators Award – Line High Power (LHP) series LED light for line scan imaging applications. Smart Vision Lights’ line high power (LHP) is the first commercial machine vision LED light to use silicone optics. The LHP light offers intensity levels of greater than 5 Million Lux with water cooling.


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