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Integro Receives Patent for Tire Guardian

Integro Technologies, a world leader in vision system integration, received official patent notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Tire Guardian Series (Patent #9110032).

The patented Tire Guardian Series allows the automotive industry to use the most reliable and cost effective methods to comply with US DOT and other regulatory bodies worldwide.

Tire Guardian Series Unseated WheelThe Tire Guardian reads, verifies, and documents all DOT information located on the sidewall of the tire.  It also verifies the size, speed rating, manufacturer, directional arrow for directional tires, and inspects for certain tire deformities.

The Tire Guardian Series is a combination of two different machine vision applications that can be used individually or in sequence to assure tire assembly quality from the most common non-compliance issues.

Tire Guardian Series RimID Interface2

Within 15 seconds, a laser light is projected across the sidewall surface of a rotating automobile tire, and a profile sensor digitizes the circumferential band that contains the DOT Code, Mold Code, E-Mark Code, and other molded-in features. The outputs are formatted into a video signal, which are transformed onto a computer screen. The digitized tire data is then analyzed by the Tire Guardian, processed, accepted/rejected and stored for each tire assembly.

The Tire Guardian Series:

  • Verifies Rim/Tire Arrangement
  • OCR & OCV DOT Data, Speed Rating, Direction, Manufacturer, and Size
  • Inspects for Tire Deformities
  • 15 Second Cycle Times

“As an integration company, we always try and protect our intellectual property, and normally we wouldn’t seek a patent for a system we designed and installed.  However, for the Tire Guardian, we saw an opportunity to fill a void in a worldwide market that was in need of a tire sidewall inspection system. The advances in 3D imaging technology over the last 5 years have been huge, and this allows us to lock in our fully integrated turnkey system for this market,” said E. Starke Farley III, Sr. Sales Engineer.

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