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Machine Vision & Systems Integration Solutions

Today, manufacturers need production line solutions to minimize error, boost production, and lower costs.

That is what we do.

We are Integro Technologies, machine vision integrators.

With 500 clients worldwide, more than 2000 installations, and over 450+ years of combined, hands-on experience, Integro is a trusted, experienced integrator that provides solutions for a wide range of industries including the military, plastics, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, automotive, packaging, and more.

Integro Technologies was founded in 2001, and we specialize in machine vision software, hardware, robotics, 3D & 2D imaging, and vision integration solutions.

Integro Technologies has several patents in machine vision technology, and we are partners with some of the most well respected companies in the industry.

Here at Integro, customers can feel confident that we will walk with them every step of the way.

We begin on the manufacturing floor, meeting with the client to identify the problem.

The staff gathers for a brainstorming session and kick-off meeting.

The design team blueprints a custom solution.

Our application engineers design customized software, while our shop techs build the application in our own manufacturing facility. After the application is tested in our own lab and is approved by the client, our field engineers install it.

Project managers keep plans running smoothly, and they are the client’s trusted contact throughout the entire process.

We also offer on-site and off-site training opportunities to our clients to ensure proper maintenance and troubleshooting techniques for the installed machine vision application.

Our entire team collaborates to ensure the highest quality applications for our clients.

Here at Integro, we stand for: Quality, Experience, Integrity, and Dedication.

Integro Technologies is on the cutting-edge of machine vision technology.

We see what others can’t.

Contact Integro Technologies today at or 704.636.9666.