Integro System Integrator Giant

System Integrator Giants 2016 logo

Integro Technologies has been recognized as a System Integrator Giant for the fifth consecutive year by Control Engineering Magazine.

Control Engineering presented the top 100 System Integrators ranked according to total system integration revenue for the most recently completed fiscal year. An in-depth analysis was conducted, revealing not only revenue information,  but details about company size, engineering specialties, product expertise, industries served, and education and training opportunities offered to employees.

Control Engineering released the complete list in their December 2016 edition.

Competing with companies with 1000 engineers or more, Integro Technologies carries considerable industry acumen in system integration.

“Being on the top 100 list of System Integrators for five years in a row means that Integro Technologies is here to stay.  With over 650 years of combined machine vision experience, Integro is going to continue to grow as a leader in machine vision integration, and continue to climb towards the top of the list of System Integrator Giants in North America,” said Starke Farley, Senior Sales Engineer at Integro Technologies.

“The honor of being identified as a system integration giant by Control Engineering magazine strengthens our resolve to continually adapt our business processes and sales models to better serve our current and future customers,” said Shawn Campion, President of Integro Technologies.

Integro Technologies is an Advanced Imaging Association (AIA) Certified Integrator, 1 of only 10 internationally, and is a partner of world leaders in machine vision technology. With over 2000 installations and more than 500 clients worldwide, Integro Technologies is an innovator in machine vision and system integration providing turnkey solutions, consulting, and support services for a wide range of industries.

To read the complete list of recipients, visit engineering logo