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DISCOVER Who We Are and What We Can Deliver

Our team at Integro Technologies combines exceptional education, experience, and knowledge focused on machine vision solutions. We have strategically partnered with highly-recognized machine vision suppliers to continuously offer and deliver superior product solutions for the most challenging applications

We work with manufacturers in a variety of industries: automotive, tobacco, electronics, semiconductors, materials, and consumer products. We’re integrating our partners’ deep learning solutions that are delivering powerful machine vision processes and profitable results.

IMAGINE the Possibilities – Ready for Integration

We develop products for our customers from inception to completion. Our application engineers work one-on-one with our clients to understand and integrate their objectives and system requirements. See the machine vision solutions we have developed and integrated for our manufacturing customers.

Watch “Why I Automate: Integro Technologies” to see how we can advance your manufacturing process with advanced machine vision solutions and enhance your company’s employee experience.

  • Problems never solved before are being tackled utilizing the best hardware and software found around the globe.
  • Round-the-clock, objective inspections consistently result in advanced-quality control.
  • Inspection of 11,000 parts per minute is a reality.
  • Reduction in wasted production and inspection times result in more quality products going out the door.
  • Employees welcome the opportunity to advance into administrative roles.
  • Increased production and technology will result in job openings for higher-skilled technicians and engineers.

SEE Why We’re the Future in Machine Vision Solutions

Our mission, at Integro Technologies, is to disrupt and redefine the machine vision solution market, and our mission is spreading around the world. We are proud to share that we have engaged with over 1000 clients worldwide to solve their most difficult and stressful vision applications on-time and within budget.

Our dedicated team ensures we match a company’s vision application and systems integration needs with the proper vision platform that will result in a rewarding return on investment. Learn howwe see what others can’t!