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Latest News from Smart Vision Lights – May 2018

LED Light ManagerLED Manager Simplifies 3D, Multispectral

Smart Vision Lights is proud to announce its programmable LED Light Manager (LLM) and associated light kits. The LLM gives user the ability to control up to four separate lights or up to four individual quadrants or channels within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution.


New Narrow-Focused Optics Extend Working Distance of Prox Spot Lights

sx30The SX30 (N4) Prox Spot Light from Smart Vision Lights is a modified version of the SX30 Prox Spot Light. Thanks to its 4-degree lens allowing for a long, tightly focused beam of light, the SX30 (N4) is designed to work over long distances.


Silicone Optics Offer Performance, Economic Benefits Over LED Lighting

Silicone optics may be the future. This white paper highlights the advantages of silicone optics, focusing on how to obtain maximum light with minimal cost. Learn more today.